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Voice Over Career

How it all started.

Becoming a voice over artist was not on Ali’s radar when she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. She had her heart set on becoming a film editor for independent films or TV commercials. 


After scoring her dream job at Crew Cuts, a top editing house in NYC, Ali was introduced to voice over acting. It happened by chance when a client requested that she read copy for a few spots for Hanes Socks. Ali nervously read the scripts into the microphone, and when the creative team edited her voice onto the commercials, they all agreed it was a perfect fit for their campaign. Those three Hanes Socks commercials aired nationally on TV for several years and Ali quickly realized this was something she wanted to pursue further.











After that, Ali had to join SAG and was then contacted by renowned voice over agent, Billy Collura, with Cunningham Escott Slevin Dougherty Talent Agency (CESD). Ali signed with CESD and to this day, Billy still represents her, along with her other incredible agents, Anita Reilly, Donna Mancino and Nate Zeitz.


From there, Ali had countless opportunities to practice reading commercial scripts and to develop her craft while still working at Crew Cuts. Clients continued to request her voice, and after several years working as both an assistant editor and a voice over talent, Ali decided to put her editing aspirations on hold and to focus on her voice over career full time. Two decades later, she is still at it and is grateful for all of the work she has seen and the friends she has made over the years.  



Ali's has read for dozens of brands and TV networks including American Express, BP, Chapstick, CVS, Geico, HGTV, McDonalds, MTV, NBC, Pizza Hut, Verizon, VH1, Visa and many more. At various points in her career, she became the "voice of" for some of these clients.

She also served as the live announcer (or “Voice of God”) at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York in 2013 - the year Lady Gaga opened the show and Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke. It was certainly memorable!

Passion for medical copy.

Over time, Ali developed a love of reading medical copy. Part of that passion is due to the fact that she has always been fascinated with medicine and human anatomy. Ali has also faced a few medical obstacles of her own and can easily sympathize with those who are struggling with their health. Reading medical terminology comes naturally for her and she doesn't find it boring or tedious - very much the opposite!


Recent work.

Most recently, Ali appeared on a set of commercials for Audible, starring Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin and Elise Myers, a viral personality on Tik Tok.


Currently she is creating voice overs for Hatch, a meditation app and sound machine that helps adults fall asleep. Ali reads daily meditation scripts and other mindfulness content for the company. It's another genre that suits her voice and she is loving the work!

Ali's 1st TV Commercial VO
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