Ali's Home Studio

Ali records all of her voice over work in her spacious 4 ft X 6 ft. sound proof Whisper Room. Her favorite microphone is her Neumann U87. This mic brings out the best quality and texture of her voice and it was recommended that she use it several years ago. Ali also has a Senheiser Pro-Audio Shotgun mic which she used for many years prior to switching to the U87. If a client has a preference, she is happy to use either mic for her sessions.


Ali has a 16" Mac Book Pro 2021. She records using Pro Tools through a Duet by Apogee interface. Her mic is connected to the Duet, which then feeds directly to Pro Tools on her Mac Book Pro.


She edits all of her daily auditions as well as select jobs, and will provide editing when requested. She will send wav, aiff or mp3 files and is happy to upload to any site or can send via email using WeTransfer.

Ali has Source Connect and is available to record via Zoom, through her phone, and through any other means that may be requested.

Contact Ali with any questions about her equipment or set up.